Boughton Walden

“The images that I paint are meant to be statement pieces. A bold, bright adaptation of a single subject. The theme of my work stays relatively in the realm of my life in the west and my travels throughout the world. My style can best be described as modern western portraiture with a pixelated twist, an influence stemming from my work in, and studies of, graphic design. My use of negative space and shadow blocking is done specifically to emphasize the subject matter. The medium is mainly acrylic but a large part of my portfolio is also oil and mixed media, usually portrayed on a wooden canvas. The wood is used for not only sturdiness but to keep with the western theme of the piece.

I do not paint to please critics, but rather to record my travels and passions. Information and inspiration is derived from my lifestyle of music, freedom, outdoors, and the west. Painting, for me, is a privilege.”



boughton’S ART