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caroline pinney

With oil paint as my central medium, my current work embodies a connection to people, stories, and places around me. I'm constantly drawn to the impact that artwork has on a space. It's inspiring to me that a piece of art an reflect the personality of anyone who connects to it. I create to reveal a similar visual language through line and gesture, as well as both an impulsive and premeditated application of color. My intent is for each painting to resolve in a way that it invokes a distinct feeling or memory of a place or moment.

I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in painting and printmaking from The University of Alabama in 2016, and moved to Nashville, Tennessee to further explore my visual language in a community whose culture is stimulated by art and music. I recently moved to Richmond, Virginia in pursuit of connecting with another growing creative community. My process relies heavily on building texture through mark-making, the correlation between color and light, and the balance between control and the unconsidered. I am endlessly inspired by the masters and other artists, music, compelling spaces, and what it means to be a woman.



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