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Hattie was born & raised in Atlanta, GA. She is the third out of four sisters, Hillary, Hannah, & Hyatt. If she could eat a hotdog for every meal she would, & sleeps with the lights on because she is still afraid of the dark. Hattie has been painting & drawing since she could hold a crayon, & is most inspired by her mother, who is also a creator (wedding cakes, paintings & the best damn biscuits you'll ever eat).

She has always been drawn to figures. Growing up in a predominantly female house, she was most drawn to the perception of the youthful, female figure. Finding the familiarity & possible connection to the subject alluring. A natural observer, she fell in love with the way women appeared in their natural state. She is intentional about placing her subjects in comfortable positions, so that viewers feel like they are experiencing a real moment.

Hattie uses a juxtaposition of drawing & painting in both her figurative & abstract work. Gestural lines & the fluid application of paint help to give a sense of movement & immediate response. The lines show simplistic detail in the form without being overtly representational. The gestural application of paint is used to inform the figures.

Hattie earned her B.F.A. with a focus in painting from the University of Mississippi. She now resides in Atlanta, Ga.



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