Artist Spotlight: Erin Tapp


SO happy to be introducing Erin Tapp to the portfolio. Erin has been working hard to create a small collection for Huntley Belle Designs and it is finally here! Collection is inspired by her travels abroad: Café Scenes and Florals. Releasing this Thursday, November 8th.

Here is an insight into her creative world!

Erin Tapp returned to her hometown of Atlanta, Ga after graduating from Wake Forest University as a Presidential Scholar for the Visual Arts in 2016, where she majored in Studio Art (with a concentration in painting) and English and minored in Art History.  As the middle of five siblings, her work can be understood as the perspective through which she saw the world growing up: surrounded by energy and joy, observant of and attentive to details often overlooked, and versatile in its personality and mood.  A seeker of sunshine, heart to heart conversations, and an endless stream of coffee, Erin strives to convey that same sense of warmth, welcome, and familiarity within her work. She currently works in the Drewry St. Studios on the Atlanta Beltline (between Ponce City Market and Piedmont Park).

1.      When did you start painting? 

I started painting when I was about 5 or 6.  By the time I was 7, I was already so into it I asked my parents if I could turn the unfinished part of our basement into my “studio”, or my “lair” as my siblings used to call it.  Once I had my own work space, it really began my artistic journey as I had that basement studio from the time I was 7 until I got a “real” studio just 2 years ago.

2.      Where do you draw your inspiration from?  

Honestly all over the place! I’m a huge believer that the one’s surroundings (at home, an office, etc) can have a huge impact on one’s day to day moods and therefore should reflect what makes one feel comfortable and content. So when I go to create something, I always seek inspiration in things that I think will reflect these ideals—something that is meaningful and thought through. The beauty of this mentality is that inspiration can then come from pretty much anywhere: an upbeat pattern in a celebrity’s red carpet dress, the shapes found in a Renaissance painting, or the colors from a walk on a beautiful day (all example of things I’ve been inspired by and “borrowed from” in my work)—and that’s what keeps the process so interesting and fun!   

3.      What is your medium of choice? 

 I was trained in oils, and for that reason it is probably my medium of choice, but lately I’ve definitely been using acrylic more and more and loving that process as well.  The immediacy and ease of use is just so helpful and forgiving to work with which I appreciate as I like to work in layers and go from really messy and loose to more and more refined.

4.      What are you currently working on? 

I’m working almost exclusively on custom commissions through the end of this year, but I’m really excited for some new collections that will be coming out by the end of the year and into next!

5.      What artists do you look up to and why? 

From art history: De Kooning, Van Gogh, and  Basquiat.  I could go into individual reasons for each, but I think they are all united by the fact that all broke the rules in their own unique way and opened so many doors for artists today. Their work also is so rich in color and energy which is my favorite kind of art! In today’s social media world, I really love the work of Dorothy Shain, Teil Duncan, and Lulie Wallace.  Not only is their work stunning, they have just done such a great job of branding and marketing themselves, and I’ve loved watching how they all have branched into designing different products around their work.

6.      Favorite place to travel to?  

I had the privilege of studying abroad in Florence, Italy, and I think it remains my favorite place to date! The beautiful art, the rich history, the unbelievable architecture, the delicious food—it has all my favorite things!!

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