Artist Spotlight: Emma Mortemousque

Emma Mortemousque_Bio Photo.jpg

I am so happy that Emma and I connected this summer. First meeting over Instagram then shortly after she and her boyfriend, Louis moved to Richmond and the rest is history. Emma’s new bodies of work incorporate movement of water and plan to release on Liza Pruitt this Tuesday, November, 20th at 10:00 AM EST.

little bit about Emma:

When did you start painting? 

I started painting two years ago when my mom and I signed up for a small art class in Lynchburg, Va. We took a class on landscape painting and each of my paintings became more and more abstract. The class only lasted several weeks and soon after I began to develop my own style. It started as a fun thing to do together and evolved into something I do daily. 

What is your inspiration? 

My inspiration is heavily influenced by the movement of water. When I am surrounded by a body of water, I am the most inspired. I am also at my happiest on the water and am inspired by trying to capture that moment and feeling in a piece of art. I want to share the energy and feeling of the water with the other people that it speaks to. 

What is medium of choice? 

This is a tough one! My first love is oils; however, I am currently having an affair with acrylics. 

Who's artwork are you buying for your home right now? 

I recently bought a piece from Laura Deems that I absolutely love. My mother gifted me a piece from my amazingly talented friend, Mary Ball, and I look forward to filling my home with more of her art. 

Who is your favorite interior designer? 

I love the work of Kathryn Ireland and Katie Ridder

What is your magazine of choice?  

My current favorite is Goop magazine. I love all of the photography and content, along with less ads to flip through. I like that they take things less seriously and know who they are; it is refreshing. 

Favorite place to travel to? 

In the US my favorite place to travel to is currently Rosemary Beach. I love being able to go from there to Alys Beach to Seaside on a bicycle. Outside of the US, France. My favorite beach there is Cap Ferret, truly a must see. 

Learn more about Emma here.