Artist Spotlight: Valerie Leuchs

 I love when artists reach out and connect. First, it is always such a pleasant surprise to see my inbox full of new and beautiful art. Second, to hear from emerging artist who are willing to put their art out into the world and lastly to let me help connecting people to their ART. Well that is Valerie. Valerie reached out this fall and has worked diligently to create a fun series of Pineapples and New York City Palms. Her work, like her personality, is bright and cheerful.  She says, “I strive to use as many colors of the rainbow in my art and see how they juxtapose against white space."

Look out for Valerie’s pieces this Friday November, 30th at 10 AM EST. as they will make their debut in Small Works

Quick Q & A with Valerie:

1. When did you start painting?

I can’t say for sure when I started painting... when I was young I attended summer camps that were geared to arts and crafts and I loved it!  When I entered my freshman year of high school I took my first formal painting class and it was at the point I became hooked! 

2. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from nature from tropical vacations, fashion I see on the street, and interior design.

3. What is your medium of choice?

I work in acrylics and occasionally ink.  I love to stretch my own canvases for my abstract pieces as I feel like I can control the paint better.

4. What are you currently working on?

A large, bright and symbolic abstract painting for a corporate client. It has been exciting project!!

5. What artists do you look up to and why?

My favorites are Monet, Matisse, Gauguin, and Kandinsky. I love their color palette and brushstrokes. I came across Michelle Armas a couple years ago, her work is so beautiful and soothing to me.  I started reading everything I could about her online and I think her path has given me the confidence and guidance to begin a career in art. In addition, Megan Elizabeth of Art by Megan creates such beautiful seascapes.  I admire how she has built a career as an artist so well and quickly.  I have had the opportunity to meet her as well and she is lovely!

6. Favorite places to travel. 

I love to travel overseas anywhere.  I find it exciting to be immersed in new cultures, eat foreign foods, be forced to use new languages, and see a different landscape. 

7. Who is your favorite interior designer?

 Jennifer Hallock does beautiful work.  She uses amazing pieces and pairs them with bright and upbeat accessories and art.  She is also a very talented artist.  I hope that one day I can hire her to design my apartment!

Val Bio photo 2.jpg