Tastemaker: Erin McDermott

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For those who don’t know Erin McDermott White, I am so excited to introduce you to her amazing jewelry line. I am so happy that she is our latest tastemaker as Erin has such a love for life and you can certainly see it in her designs. Her jewelry is fun, easy to accessorize and perfect for day to night outfits.

I had the pleasure of purchasing some of Erin’s jewelry years ago at a trunk show in Richmond and still till this day grab for those earrings. And if you are a bride, she can create the most amazing bridal + bridesmaids jewelry!!

When did you begin your jewelry business? How did you take the leap?

I began about 12 years ago! I was alway making jewelry for friends and then started selling at the Charlottesville Farmers Market and really started to realize how much I loved it! It was a great way to continue created every week and to chat with people about jewelry. It truly evolved little by little.

Taken 8 years ago at Charlottesville’s City Market.

Taken 8 years ago at Charlottesville’s City Market.

Who/what has had the biggest impact on your company?

I would say that instagram has had the biggest impact.

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You have the most beautiful family! Tell us how do you juggle owning your own company + family life?

Oh man! I never have balance, but i’m ok with that…I’m not really striving for balance. Somedays I spend more time with my family, other days I spend more time at work. I kind of just take it day by day and try to position myself in the place or with the people that need me most at that time. I try to get up by 5am and those two hours are crucial. During those hours, I’m able to get my thoughts together for the day and knock out a few “to-dos” so I’m not playing catch-up the remainder of the day.

What has been your most fun collaboration to date? Who did you work with?

Ohh!! That’s a good question! I love collabs, but to do them, I really need to believe in their work or company. My favorite collab was with one of my good friends, artist, Kiki Slaughter. We made wrap bracelets out of her canvases. It was a blast and they are available on my website!!

Who’s hanging on your walls

Art, art, more art (and photography) ! I’m obsessed! I have pieces i’m obsessed with from Kiki Slaughter, Abby Kasonik, Sally King Benedict. I also love framing funky things I love. I have my parents tix from woodstock framed, and some of my favorite scarves. I also have lots of blacks & white photographs, and some quotes that I love.

Favorite pieces from the LP Collection - must haves?!

I’m really loving Jennifer Pino - reminds me of so many colors I use in my jewelry!

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