Artist Spotlight: Jennifer Pino

Jennifer Pino Bio .jpeg

I just love abstracts. I love how each person can interpret one piece differently. How art overall can speak to everyone in a different way. Therefore, when I saw Jennifer’s artwork, I fell in love. Her colors and compositions just drew me in. Her pieces are so fresh and eye catching. Her latest collection just puts a huge smile on my face and honestly I keep looking for a wall in my own house to snag one for myself. I am so excited to introduce Jennifer’s latest collection of 4 large works on canvas this Thursday at 8 pm est.

1-When did you start painting?

I’ve always been creative, taking art classes when I was little and all throughout college, but started painting professionally about 3 years ago.

2- What colors are you drawn to? What is your current palette? Inspiration?

I love color! But am definitely drawn to more muted tones. Although I’m not opposed to using brighter colors in my work, I’ve found over the past few years I prefer a more muted, neutral palette. My inspiration comes from everywhere! My love for interior design plays a big role in what I paint, as well as my surroundings outdoors and travels - I always remember a certain tree or blooming plant, the color of the sky, or the greens in a marsh and try to work that into what I paint. 

3- What are you looking forward to in 2019?

New collaborations! And to keep pushing myself to put work out there that I am truly proud of and don’t want to paint over in a week 😂.

4- Where do you like to travel to?

The beach! Looking forward to a trip to Cabo San Lucas in the next few weeks.

5- Favorite drink of choice?

Coffee or a margarita. 

6- Tell us all about your new puppy!

Our new puppy is an English Bulldog and he is a little over 3 months old now. His name is Bruce and he’s so sweet and adorable, which makes getting up with him at all hours of the night worth it! 

7- What has been the most fun art project you have worked on to date?

Doing a piece for the Traditional Home Hampton Designer Showhouse last summer - a true honor! 

8- What artist do you look up to and why?

I look up to so many! My current favorites are Catherine Booker Jones, Brian Coleman, Sally King Benedict, Hayley Mitchell, Ansley Givhan, Paige Kalena Follmann, William McLure and Brenda Bogart. I just think they all are amazing and put out work that I’m consistently amazed by - composition, colors, everything!

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