Artist Spotlight: Meredith Steele

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I am so excited to feature Meredith Steele and her latest collection on Liza Pruitt. Meredith and I have crossed paths in so many ways but due to art we finally got to meet. Meredith is originally from Virginia, lived in Jackson Hole and went to College of Charleston. For those that don’t know, I now live in Richmond, lived and met my husband in Jackson Hole and I attended College of Charleston. Therefore it was meant to be for Meredith and I to finally meet.

Meredith’s pieces are super special to the collection; her technique is extremely unique. She incorporates found, collected and repurposed materials into her works. Her pieces are full of texture and you will see this in this latest collection as she correlates the relationship between women, textile and texture.

1- When did you start painting?

I took my first painting class at College of Charleston in 2009.  I instantly fell in love with it and decided to complete a Studio Art minor.  Since then, I have rarely put the paintbrush down. 

2- What colors are you drawn to? What is your current palette? Inspiration?

Ochre!  It is almost an obsession at this point.  There is something about that mustardy burnt yellow that just gets me every time.  Other than that, I love using pastels with pops of earth tones.  And of course, I am constantly drawn to black and white patterns and that definitely shows throughout my work. 

3- Medium of choice?

I studied oil painting in school but I have recently switched to using more acrylics.  I love how quick they dry and they work well with my mixed media style.  In my work you will also find lost of reworked objects including fabric, wire, metal, rubber, yarn, etc.

3- What are you looking forward to in 2019? 

I am looking forward to continuing to explore new methods and new materials!  2018 was a very transformative year for me as an artist.  I let myself break the rules and I created bodies of work that really felt authentic.  Now, this year I would like to continue on that path of exploration!

4- Where do you like to travel to?

I love the ocean and the mountains.  Anywhere that I can experience one of those two great loves is a place I want to visit.  Specifically, I love hot weather so Hawaii has definitely been my favorite recent destination.  

5- Favorite drink of choice?

Coffee followed by wine.   Coffee is a morning ritual for me and it holds a special place in my heart ☺.  Red wine comes in at a close second.

6- I know you lived in Jackson, do you miss the summers or winters the most?

Summers!  I had the time of my life living in Jackson Hole but thinking of the summers is a enough to make me crazy nostalgic.  I like the way everything feels so alive during the summers and not to mention the endless activities right at your fingertips. 

7- What has been the most fun art project you have worked on to date?

My recent collection, ‘A Collection of HER’, was the most fun and the most formative body of work I have completed.  It was the first time I incorporated different materials into my work and it felt like I had finally discovered my groove.

Meredith Steele’s latest pieces releasing this Thursday, March 28th at 8 pm est. Feel free to email for questions!

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