Artist Spotlight: Emily Anne Farrell

Emily Anne Farrell in the Studio .jpg

I am so excited for Emily Anne Farrell to join the collective. Not only is her work beautiful but she is such an amazing person to work with! Talk about a hard worker. She is a mom and wife to her precious daughter and supporting husband, has a full time job in dental sales (that was me for 6 years :)) and she still finds time for her creative outlet. Wow!

Her latest bodies of work are expressive and full of color! Releasing this Thursday, April 25th at 9 am est.

Learn a little more about Emily:

Her work is inspired by different color relationships, odd shapes, lines, and negative space. She is looking for balance and harmony, without appearing too planned.  And what I love most, is that her most basic goal is to add happiness to a space through art!  Well I couldn’t agree more!

1- When did you start painting?

I’ve been “artsy” since childhood, but never took an art class after high school.  I really dug into painting around 2016.  I was a fairly new mom and wanted to add art to my walls.  I’ve always gravitated towards abstract art and that’s what I started doing for my own walls.  It was the first time I actively did something where I felt true passion.  The stuff everyone talked about...I had no idea what it meant until then! 

2- What colors are you drawn to? What is your current palette? Inspiration? 

Blues, pinks, corals.  Inspo comes from literally anything I see where I discover a color combination that really speaks to me.  

3- What are you looking forward to in 2019? 

I’ve got some new relationships and projects budding.  I also am feeling more comfortable in my “artist” skin and I think (hope) it shows in my work.

4- Where do you like to travel to?

Anywhere that I can look at the sea.

5- Favorite drink of choice?

Sweet tea. 

6- What is your day to day like? 

I have a full time non-art career as well, selling dental equipment! It’s an interesting dichotomy, but I love it and it allows me to take care of my family with the flexibility to be a mom and run my art business as a side hustle.  I’m not a super early riser, but often do if I need to wrap up a project.  My days priorities are quite literally, family, job 1, job 2, then maybe a little housekeeping and laundry 😂

7- What has been the most fun art project you have worked on to date?

Learning how to work with resin was super challenging, but has been a lot of fun in regards to the end result.  My recent show with ArtSource Fine Art was super exciting- creating a new body of work to flow with 3 other talented artists and then seeing it all come together.  Amazing! 

8- What artist do you look up to and why?

Elaine de Kooning, Lee Krasner, Helen Frankenthaler, Perle Fine... to name a few. These women were a huge part of the expressionist movement yet were not focused and nor given the credit they deserved at the time.  Some were married to other (male) art super stars (like Jackson Pollock) and some also changed their name or went by a more masculine name to make sure their work was seen - this is crazy! They paved the way for us working in this category today and for that I’m grateful.