Artist Spotlight: Harrison Blackford

Harrison Blackford Bio Photo 2.jpg

Y’all I can’t express how excited I am to be working with Harrison Blackford. I have admired Harrison’s work for years and just love this lady. She is full of spirit and you see it in her work. Its colorful, expressive and just down right happy! I wake up every morning and see my very own Harrison Blackford piece and it puts a smile on my face.

Releasing small + large works this Wednesday, May 8th at 12 pm est. Feel free to email questions!

1- Tell us something that not many people know?

Growing up, I always wanted to be an architect. Even as a child, I would lay on the floor and tape together pieces of notebook paper to draw large architectural house plans. I had stacks and stacks of graph paper notebooks of my drawings in my bedroom. One year, Santa Claus brought me an actual architect’s drafting table! My parents believed that I would study to become an architect later in my life. Little did I know at that time, my love for classic architecture would weave its way into my artwork. — especially in my upcoming King Street series.

2- Any fun trips coming up?!

I am heading to an artist workshop in Provence in France in two weeks!! We will be painting outside in a new place every day! I am so excited to be painting in a new place and also learn some new techniques! I can’t wait to get some new inspiration and come home to work on a new collection this summer. 

3- Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I am constantly driven to paint when I see a new color palette that I want to experiment with. I am always taking pictures of two colorful buildings beside each other or often a mix of flowers — it is amazing to notice such different values of colors everywhere we walk around. Whether I am painting an abstract painting or something architectural, I love to throw a new color in the mix and see how that affects the overall feeling of the painting. My paintings are so colorful, I always feel like they can happily tie a room together! 

4- is their an interior designer or style you love?

I am not sure who the interior designer was…but for some reason this question immediately made me think of Tory Burch’s home in the Hamptons. Her house was featured in Architectural Digest and I was OBSESSED. I love her mix and pattern and color. Her style is so fresh and keeps your eye wandering around a room. This fun mix of color in her home is absolutely reflected in her clothing and business, which I love. 

5- must do for 2019

My goals for 2019 were to plan out my year events/collections further out with plenty of time. So far, so good! Often, I find that if I have a deadline or a goal to get something done, it pushes me more. 

6- drink of chose?

Spring is here and summer is around the corner…ROSE!!! My friends and I have been drinking rose spritzers a lot recently —- refreshing!!!!

7- what are you currently working on?

Right now, I am working on a Charleston King Street series. I painted my first painting of King Street in 2014. I feel so fortunate that I currently happen to live a few blocks off King! I walk down the street several times a week. Taking the time to devote an entire collection to these buildings and sidewalks has been calling my name for a while now. I truly believe there is no other street like it and a true treasure to our Southern culture. 
This summer, I am hoping to work on a collection based on my trip to France! —- paintings of the hills in Provence as well as architectural paintings, we will see!!