Tastemaker: Nicola Bathie McLaughlin

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Nicola Bathie McLaughlin has always had an eye for design.

For those who don’t know Nicola, she represents such grace and style. She is known for her classic interiors plus jewelry. Her jewelry line is influenced by her travels abroad to South Africa, Dubai, Italy and various parts of the world. She creates timeless pieces that have been worn by Julia Engel, Caroline Bramlett and has her own exclusive line with Anthropologie. Furthermore, her home is breathtaking. Nicola has an amazing eye and loves to collect art. Thus, I had to know more!

Right before Nicola left for her trip to London, I was so fortunate to chat with her about her latest travels, art that speaks her language and of course learn about her exciting news! And if you didn’t know, she is having another girl!

1- Have you always loved fashion and design? When did you begin your career?

I started the jewelry career when I was getting my BOF in Interior Design at TCU. Interiors career started right after college in Dallas.

2- Where are you traveling next?

We are headed to London, for the Chelsea Flower Show, as well as Scotland, and Hampshire during the end of May. So excited for Scotland.

3- Renovating your house- what is your plan?!

Adding on a study for my husband and me. Our current study will become another nursery or a big girl room for Sophia. 

4- How will you decorate your new nursery? Do you have a style or theme?

Depending on gender... if it’s another girl I would love to pass down Sophia’s nursery and design a big girl room filled with florals and checks. If it’s a boy, I will do blues and red.

Nursery Shot_NB.png

5- What is your favorite piece of art in your home? 

This is hard and like picking your favorite child... I’ll name some of my top favorites:

I love the Frank Phillips above the mantle in our formal living room, my husband got it for me for Christmas.

I love our Bee drawing by Emily Morgan Brown.

Artwork by Emily Brown Morgan

Artwork by Emily Brown Morgan

I love our two his and hers Brenda Bogarts, they are collages. Brenda asked for letters my husband and I had written to each other over the years. She cut them up and put them in the collage. 

I just purchased a Marilla Palmer and it is the definition of my love language... Florals, pressed flowers, watercolors, sequins, fabric and stitching. 

I love our butterfly installation by Claire Crowe.

Lastly I love my first big piece of art purchased when I was living alone in Dallas, it is pink and I thought its now or never, before I get married. It is by Joyce Howell.

6- What are your must have pieces from Liza Pruitt Art Collection?

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Stayed Tuned! Exciting News announcing This Friday 31st at 8 am est. on Instagram!