Tastemaker: Ragan Cain #thefrancesflair

Interiors by Mark D. Sikes. Photographed by Amy Neunsinger.

Interiors by Mark D. Sikes. Photographed by Amy Neunsinger.

During this Tastemaker Series I have met some incredible and creative women. I am so thankful to have connected with Ragan Cain #thefrancesflair. Ragan is genuine, down to earth, loves to travel and lives life to the fullest. She lives by my mottos! I swear if we lived in the same city, we would be great friends. She has a flair about her and picture above captures her beautifully. Don’t you want to be best buds with her too?!

1 - You have amazing style! What is your go to outfit?

Anything with color! I'm inspired by bold patterns and structured, yet feminine, silhouettes, such as a collared shirt tucked into a bright, flowy skirt with a great accessory. A little preppy with a touch of glam! 

2 - What is the inspiration behind the #thefrancesflair?

Frances Flair represents my post-forty self. I want to encourage myself and others not to wait for the right party to use that silver or wear the fancy dress - live fully, presently and with a bit of adventure! 


3 - I know you love to travel as much as I do, tell us about your most memorable trip or trips?

Travel is a huge part of my life - a source of great joy and inspiration. I've been fortunate to visit some truly incredible places over the past few years, but one that really stands out is a solo trip I planned to Provence. It was the first time I had traveled overseas by myself, and I was so nervous, but really proud of stepping out of my comfort zone. The first night of the trip, I walked into the group welcome dinner not knowing a single person, and left with treasured friendships and travel companions. 


 4 - When did you buy your home, Breeze Hill?

We purchased Breeze Hill Farm in 2016. The home was unlike anything we previously owned, and not at all what I envisioned for us. But as I walked through each room, I fell in love with all of the little quirks and details of the mid-century ranch. Instead of a full-scale renovation, we decided to simply embrace the charm and update the decor. 

5 - Advice to give people for decorating their homes? Any tips or tricks you learned during your experience? 

Hire someone you trust (or trust yourself!), communicate openly about your desires or dislikes, and take your time with big decisions. I was thrilled when Mark D. Sikes agreed to work with us on the design - he knows my love of antiques, color and bold patterns, and I trusted him to incorporate them seamlessly throughout the space. It also helped that we were completely on the same page about maintaining the original architecture and feel of the home, while bringing new energy through the design. I could not be more thankful or thrilled with the result.

Interiors by Mark D. Sikes. Photographed by Amy Neunsinger for Veranda Magazine.

Interiors by Mark D. Sikes. Photographed by Amy Neunsinger for Veranda Magazine.

6 - You recently purchased a piece of art from the LP Collection. Tell us, what you love about it?

I love my new piece from the Liza Pruitt Collection. When I saw it I knew I had to have it, which is the way I go about buying most things! Buy what you love and figure the rest out later, a motto that has served me well. It doesn’t have a permanent home yet but I have several ideas of where it might end up.

Artwork by Caroline Pinney via Liza Pruitt Collection.

Artwork by Caroline Pinney via Liza Pruitt Collection.

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