Artist Spotlight: Liza Hathaway Matthews


What I love about this art collective, is that I have met so many amazing and talented people. Thus, when Liza Matthews reached out and shared her portfolio, I wanted to learn more about her unique technique. Liza is not scared of thinking outside the box. She works with all type of materials and mediums. Her latest “Leatherette” series is so unique to the collection. Liza uses acrylic and ink right on top of metallic leather. What a nice way to add a different element to your art collection. Be on the lookout for 10 exclusive “Leatherettes” framed and ready to hang this Wednesday 31st at 8 am est. on For now learn more about Liza and her passions below.

Tell us something that no one knows!

Hmmm, something that most don’t know about me is that I love the Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten! I love her cooking show, books and seeing her pretty home in the Hamptons (where she shoots her show). She is an inspiration as she started with a small gourmet store and built an empire from that... she is simple and keeps it easy for any cook!


When did you start creating? Have you always been a creative?

I loved doing crafts and art classes as a little girl. I would say my interest peaked and I was able to pursue my art at The Maryland Institute College of Art. I majored in Interior Design and minored in Painting. I love both and find that they coincide so well together. I have been painting for years and really made it my business 10 years ago. It’s my passion and find myself constantly inspired to paint!

What is the biggest hurdle you have experienced in your career?

I’m not thinking this is a hurdle but something that is more of a challenge that I put on myself. I always am trying to reinvent myself with experimentation in my work. I love trying new mediums on different surfaces...this career allows me the flexibility to do this everyday.

You work with all different mediums and substrates what is your favorite?

Currently, I am working with acrylic and ink on leather. I’m loving this technique as I get a saturated look on matte and metallic leather. The pieces in this release are my new leather works that are florals and landscapes/seascapes. Each piece is mounted on linen and set in a champagne frame.

I love your leatherette series, tell us where your inspiration comes from?

The inspiration for the ‘Leatherette’ series came from a collaboration with Lema J Designs. I have been painting my florals on leather that are then made into one of a kind cuffs. These cuffs are made to support a wonderful cause called the Karma for Cara Foundation. Please see all of these pretty ‘one of a kind’ cuffs and the story on


Most fun collaboration to date?

I have loved all of them! Each collaboration has given me the opportunity to work with so many creative people. They look at my work and imagine what else it can be besides wall art and I love that! As I paint, I look at the possibilities and dream of more collaborations! My next goal is to have my abstract floral designs used on bed and table linens...I think they would be so pretty!


Releasing Liza’s “Leatherettes” this Wednesday 31st at 8 am est on

In the meantime, feel free to email for further details.

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