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Photography by  Laura Negri Photography .

Photography by Laura Negri Photography.

If you love color and art then Whitney Durham is your go to interior designer! Based in Atlanta, Ga, Whitney has completed jobs across the US and loves creating welcoming and lived in spaces. We had to connect as we are both art enthusiasts!

“Your home should be a place of warmth and comfort surrounded by the things you love. It should reflect the personalities of those that live within its walls and make you happy when you walk through your front door.” – Whitney Durham

1- Tell us something we don’t know?!

My best friend is my 11 year old chocolate lab, Maddie. We like to say she is the President of Whitney Durham Interiors ;) She loves to ride shotgun on client errands and pose for Instagram! She understands me 100%, even when I don’t say a word.

OK, this is the exact same for me too!! Huntley, my 6 year old chocolate lab is my side kick. She just gets me and always up for an adventure. I cherish the friendship I have with her.

2- Have you always loved interior design? What is your background?

I have always loved interiors, antique shopping, flea markets, organizing, homes, architecture, etc from an early age. I grew up thrifting and antiquing every chance I could get with my Mom. I loved decorating, styling and organizing my room as a young girl and jumped at the opportunity to help friends and family with their rooms/homes. While attending Auburn University, I majored in Human Development and Family Studies, with an intention to pursue another passion of mine - helping others. Fast forward to present day where I am combining those two passions with helping others design and decorate their homes!

Interiors by  Whitney Durham . Photography by  Laura Negri Photography .

Interiors by Whitney Durham. Photography by Laura Negri Photography.

3- Summer reading list? Any recommendations?

My summer reading list would be to catch up on my HUGE stack of Home Decor magazine subscriptions that I have not had the chance to dive into yet ;) I am not much of a “book worm;” although I admire those who are!

Interiors by  Whitney Durham . Photography by  Laura Negri Photography .

Interiors by Whitney Durham. Photography by Laura Negri Photography.

4- Any Summer trips planned? What is your favorite travel spot?

This summer our family is going to Lake Tahoe with our San Francisco cousins that we don’t get to see as much as we would like to! This will be a different vacation from our usual Florida Panhandle / 30A adventures. We are excited to try something different this summer and aspire to get outdoors and hike, canoe, fish, kayak, play tennis, golf and enjoy the beautiful Lake Tahoe views.

5- Who is hanging on your walls? Artist you love + admire?

I love and appreciate all types of original art and artists alike! Some of my personal favorites that I have in my home are, in no particular order, Elaine Burge, Michelle Armas, Christina Baker, Kayce Hughes, Sally King Benedict, Teil Duncan, Renee Bouchon and Lucy Reiser. I love how they all use color to tell their stories. ;)

Interiors by  Whitney Durham . Artwork by  Elaine Burge . Photography by  Laura Negri Photography .

Interiors by Whitney Durham. Artwork by Elaine Burge. Photography by Laura Negri Photography.

6- Favorite Design Project to Date?

My favorite design project to date would probably be a house on Lake Burton, which we are currently adding the finishing touches to. Not only were the clients a joy to work with, the builder was very easy to collaborate with and the views of the lake were icing on the cake!! This home has so many unique, one of a kind furniture pieces and custom details built within that truly makes this home a standout. I can’t wait to have this project photographed and share more images with you.

I cant wait to see!!

7- Must Have Pieces from Liza Pruitt?

That is a tough one because I love so many!! Here are my top five favorites:

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Saturday Pastime by Amanda Gough - This would be amazing in a pool house or beach house or bathroom/powder room to add an unexpected surprise!

Easter Brunch by Emily Anne Farrell - I love the fun colors and shapes plus the 36” x 36” is a versatile size and it’s good price point too!

Bahamas II by Jackie Koenig - because who doesn’t love looking at the beautiful Bahamas throughout the year!?!

Approaching the Storm by Christen Yates - Very classic, warm and soothing. Would be great in a kitchen, over a fireplace or in a study.

The Thin Blue Line by Kellie Lawler - love the lines and unique style of this piece. Would be fun to throw into a very traditional room for an unexpected twist!

Make sure to follow Whitney on social to see her latest designs + finds @whitneydurhaminteriors and www.whitneydurhaminteriors.com

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