Artist Spotlight: Courtney Khail

Photography by Angie Webb Creative

Photography by Angie Webb Creative

Courtney and I hopped on a quick call this Spring to talk all things art and I have been eagerly waiting to introduce her amazing floral pieces to you.

First Courtney and I have a lot in common: we both went to University of Georgia, lived and love out west and have a soft spot for the Bahamas. Courtney created a 25 piece collection of black and white florals for the Rosewood Baha Mar in Nassau where you can see hanging in their sitting area. Now, how amazing is that?! P.S. I am dying to stay at a Rosewood property! Therefore our sales from this Thursday 12th of black and white ink + watercolor florals, will help the Bahamas Relief Efforts in the Abacos. I am so honored and so proud to be working with Courtney and look forward to you learning more about her!

Artwork by Courtney Khail. Location: Rosewood Baha Mar

Artwork by Courtney Khail. Location: Rosewood Baha Mar

Tell us something no one knows?!

Something no one knows? I talk a lot so I'm not sure that exists! Let's see... I've broken the same collarbone three times- does that count? If you look closely you can still see a bump from where it's mended itself multiple times.

Tell us about your subject- florals - how you view them?

I mention in my artist statement that the subject of flowers isn't a new idea; artists have sculpted, painted, and photographed them for centuries! Even so, I never tire of them. Not only are flowers visually stunning, but they also have this amazing ability to capture and portray human emotions and experiences. Something as simple as varying the orientation of a petal, how open a bloom is, or the thickness of the line can completely change the story and emotion it evokes. Few subject matters (aside from people) have that ability.

Who’s hanging on your walls - artist you admire?

My walls are filled with a mix of my work, some friends work, and then a lot of art collected during our travels. It's my favorite souvenir.

I have a list a mile long of artists I admire, but for the sake of time I'll just name a few Atlanta artists I'm loving. Karen Appleton is a realist oil painter doing some really amazing things with flowers, acrylic boxes and ribbon that I can't get enough of. Lauren Betty is another Atlanta based artist whose paintings balance chaos and calm in a really interesting and engaging way. Abstract is hard to do well and I think she has an interesting and unique voice. I also can't seem to stop looking at the work Taylor Cox is creating right now. She paints these "life scenes" that are modern and captivating and playful all at the same time.

Interior designers you admire and get inspiration from?

Angie Hranowsky, Dan Mazzarini, Barrie Benson, Shayelyn Woodbery, Leanne Ford, Anna Braund, Laura Casey, Lisa McGough... Here in Atlanta I love the work Balance Design does, as well as Sherry Hart, Steve McKenzie, and (while not an interior design firm) pretty much anything the R Hughes team puts together.

Most fun project to date?

I've had a lot of really fun projects so I don't think I can pick a favorite. Most recently though, I painted a mural for Ashley Stamoulis (of Suthin Girl) that was a blast to do!

Favorite place to travel to?

This one's difficult! There are so many great places. Internationally- it's probably a toss up between Italy or Ireland; here in the states- probably the Grand Tetons.

What’s next for Courtney Khail?!

I have a few super exciting collaborations in the works as well as a new series I'm looking to release this winter. It will feel familiar to those who know my work, but with a new twist on the use of color and tone. I'm also exploring the influence water has had on my life (think oceans, rivers, etc) which is really exciting to me as a watercolor artist. Feels very interconnected and I'm excited to see where it goes. If you want to stay in the loop, the best thing to do would be to sign up for my emails and follow me on Instagram @courtneykhail.

Make sure to follow @liza.pruitt tomorrow, Wednesday 11th as Courtney will be taking over my Instagram stories!