Artist Spotlight: Mary Margaret Monsees


Born and raised in the south Mary Margaret has always had an infatuation with florals. She can remember how her grandmother would cherish her camellias by floating her latest blooms in a bowl of water, how she and her siblings would climb their favorite magnolia tree and when she lived in Charleston, SC, she appreciated how passion flower vines would encompass the historic fences.

I love how this collection has so much meaning and in hopes gives you a feeling of emotion when you see one as well.


1- Tell us something no one knows?!

My husband just started a bottled water company called Manana, focused on providing a more sustainable option for on the go hydration! His water is packaged in an aluminum can rather than plastic. I'm counting on him to save the world :-)

2- Who inspires you?

My best friend Liz Eichholz, co-founder of Weezie Towels.

3- Favorite flower to create and why?

Way too hard of a question! But I've been having a lot of fun painting hydrangeas as of late.


4- Interior Designers you admire?

Locally, I work with interior designer Robyn Roberts of @robynrobertsdesign. She always injects a cool factor into my "grandmillenial” style. Big picture: I admire the work of Veere Grenney and Bunny Williams - I'm an old soul.

5- Most fun collaboration to date?!

Working with Monica of Lavin Label to create a custom gallery wall in her Savannah home was an absolute blast. Her home is full of soft greens, blues, and pinks and I loved referencing those in the collection.

Styled by Monica with Lavin Label. Photographed by Tamara Gibson. Frames by Framebridge.

Styled by Monica with Lavin Label. Photographed by Tamara Gibson. Frames by Framebridge.

6- Your house was on HGTV, tell us about your experience?

Major pinch me moment! I have had the best time making our house a little home and getting to showcase it was a blast. Kinda crazy because they called while I was traveling in France with my college bestie. Once I landed I had four days to get the house ready - such a whirlwind but so worth it!

7- Favorite weekend activity?

Cooking dinner with my husband and eating on our porch overlooking the marsh

Photo credit: Tomas Espinoza

Photo credit: Tomas Espinoza

Southern Flower Study Collection releasing this Thursday, Oct. 3rd at 9 am est. on

(12) 9” x 12” acrylic on paper for $185/each

Feel free to email for further details.

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