Art gives a voice to the walls that we surround ourselves with.

I believe that the magic behind any beautiful space is the unique language the walls are speaking. I’ve made my passion my work by connecting people with the art that speaks their language.

All my life I’ve always believed the world has so much to offer. From my hometown of Savannah, Georgia, to my extensive travels around Europe and Africa—these places have only confirmed that! 

As a sociology major from The University of Georgia, understanding the development of a culture is fascinating to me. No matter where I traveled, I discovered that the love of beauty is universal. The walls of the house I grew up in were covered with art. My mom has said that I’ve always had a flare, particularly for fine art and jewelry. Be it as an eight year old playing in her grandmother’s jewelry box of pearls, or as a college student abroad in Stellenbosch, South Africa—exposed to the most vibrant and clear jewels the world has to offer.

After time in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where I met my husband, Braxton, I am so happy to have made Richmond, Virginia my home with Huntley, our chocolate lab.