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Valerie Leuchs

Valerie Leuchs has been making art since childhood: sewing clothes with her mother, singing Little Orphan Annie at the top of her lungs, bedazzling tee shirts, and painting just about everything.

She graduated from Boston College with a degree in Fine Arts. In 2002, she moved to New York City and worked in fashion, sales, and finance, though she's always been drawn back to creating art.

Now the mother of two young boys, she's focused her career strictly on painting. Valerie is widely recognized for her bright Pineapples, New York City Palms, and colorful floral abstracts.

Valerie paints using acrylics, ink, and pastels. Her work, like her personality, is bright and cheerful. She says, “I strive to use as many colors of the rainbow in my art and see how they juxtapose against white space."

Her two boys inspire much of her work and have even been so good as to come up with titles for a number of her paintings.



Valerie’S ART